Removal defense and the role of an attorney.

Immigration violations, including local, state, federal or foreign criminal convictions or conduct can result in inadmissibility, deportation, ineligibility for relief from removal and permanent bars to naturalization. Through the removal process the government seeks to deport non-citizens present in the U.S. The grounds of inadmissibility prohibit the admission of non-citizens into the U.S. or from getting a green card.  

If you are facing deportation you may be represented by an immigration attorney throughout the removal process.  Having an immigration attorney diligently and aggressively represent you in a deportation proceedings can be critical. An immigration attorney can advise you about all your legal options, including defenses to deportation and applications for relief from removal such as cancellation of removal, adjustment of status, asylum or protection under the Convention Against Torture.  

Each attorney at David Wolfe Leopold & Associates takes pride in their aggressive advocacy and strong track record representing clients in the immigration and federal courts. 

To schedule a consultation with an immigration attorney call (216) 696-4676 or fill out our U.S. immigration consultation request form. We'll schedule you to meet with an immigration attorney to review your legal options.

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